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Disco-Funky Fresh… New MaxxGroove Edit

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Disco Funky Fresh Sound, oui c’est encore l’été !  Et du Shalamar dans la tête !

Une Petite version maison Exclusive sur Maxxima:


La version originale Ed Wizard & The Disco Double Dee :

Et le titre qui est à la base du re-edit:

Shalamar – There It Is par zz95

Sampling ?

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39 songs pieces to make a new one ? You will like this one if you are on with sampling techniques, or if you are a ”controlerist” fan ! Hours of work !

Ready for a Live Mashup ?  (Madeon – Pop Culture)

Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Sébastien Adonis Born Remix)

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25/7/2011 Exclusive Version On the playlist:  Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Sébastien Adonis Born Remix)

Bleepy sounds

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Bleep – Bleep – Bleep, On the playlist.  Do you remember Bleepy sounds from the 90′ Dance music ?

‘Bleep’ with the track ’8Bit Madness’  give a good overview of this typical sound produced from synthetizers used during the 80′  (and working in 8 bit only)  You will recognize a sample of a famous video game ;)

This kind of sounds were very popular and present in older video game !  Want to build your own keyboard and try to play your vintage preferred video game anthem ?  look at this -> The chipophone !


Summer Vibes

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We like it, we play it ;)  On Air since a while but still good for this summer !


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